“The RidebySide is a perfect way for our family to ride together.  My son, Jonathan, has Down syndrome and autism. He cannot balance on a two wheeled bike.  He has a big tricycle, but he rides slowly, and only on flat surfaces. My daughter, Lydia, rides much quicker and does not always want to slow down and wait for him.  By having the RidebySide we can all enjoy riding together. We are able to go on bike trails that have hills. I see in Jonathan’s face that he feels a sense of freedom that cycling brings out. He is able to ride to the ability of the other rider with no fear, which gives him a sense of independence. He has the biggest smile, and is laughing and making noises throughout the ride. Lydia also likes being on the RidebySide so that she can talk, and because it is just so much fun. She can take her brother out for slower relaxing rides. The RidebySide has been a great family activity for all of us to enjoy.”


RidebySide gives you the option to ride beside a person with special needs, offering encouragement, control and stability.

An amazing option to work with people with many different adaptive challenges.





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