While visiting  Bear Lake in Utah a few years ago, we rented a pedal driven cart.  It was great sitting side-by-side talking as we explored the area around the Lake.  From that experience, the idea came to us;  wouldn’t it be fun to ride side-by-side on two connected bikes.

With an engineering back ground and too much time on my hands, I headed out to the shop to work on the idea.   After several months and many prototypes “The RidebySide Concept” began to take shape.  We’ve now ridden, our several prototypes, thousands of miles in many different locations.  Hundreds of people have taken demo rides and expressed a real interest in our new side-by-side tandem.  We’re excited to share it with you.

It’s fun pedaling down the road and seeing the double-takes as people experience RidebySide for the first time.

Steve and Karen Teerlink

Founders of RidebySide


Traveling around the west testing and demonstrating  RidebySide.

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