What & How

What is RidebySide

RidebySide is a device that attaches two bikes, creating a side-by-side tandem.

Riders can lean into the turns perfectly synchronized.

RidebySide is a whole new interactive experience.

Our patented Lock-or-Lean system makes starts and stops easy.

How it Works

Four brackets are installed on two bikes. (less than 2 lbs. per bike)

Bikes can then be attached or detached in minutes.

Remove the pins to ride solo or load on a bike-rack.

What bikes work with RidebySide

Select hybrid, city or trail bikes.

The system requires a flat or straight handle bar.

Select bikes of the same type, style and wheel size, however RidebySide can accommodate different frame sizes.

We provide a list of recommended bikes to purchase from a variety of manufactures.