Why side-by-side

Why Side-by-Side?

RidebySide positions you side-by-side enjoying a conversation, with a full view of the road ahead and shared access to the controls.  The steering and leaning are synchronized, while Peddling, gearing and suspension is independent.  This is a wonderful option to connect two riders of different abilities. It makes you safer with increased stability, and visibility.

RidebySide is intuitive,  interactive, and fun.

Is doublewide a problem?

It’s much less of a problem then expected. After riding thousands of miles, I can say it’s rarely a factor. RidebySide puts the bikes 27” center-to-center which fits comfortably in a bike lane.  Legally, we become a single vehicle. When we need to join traffic, say for a left turn, we’re more visible and we don’t need to dismount our bikes and stand in the road. Because of the “lock or lean” option we have the ability to come to a complete stop without getting off the bike or even putting a foot down.   This is a nice option for car traffic or foot traffic.